Field trips

Three optional field trips are included in the Agroecology Europe Forum, in order to experience local farmer cooperatives and research initiatives related to Agroecology. In case you would like to take part in one of the trips, an extra minimum fee will be applied (20 euros), and you will be asked to indicate the desired field trip. Filed trips are scheduled for the afternoon-evening of the 2nd day of the Forum.


The field trips are:

Field trip 1. “Melitakes” Agricultural Social Cooperative & Farm

Melitakes (meaning Ants in local, Cretan dialect) are a social cooperative initiated in 2008 working on agroecological production, training and seed saving. The trip will include presentations and field visit to their. For more details on their work visit https://melitakes.gr (in Greek) and http://openfarm.gr/en/farms/melitakes-farm/ (in English)

Field trip 2. “Apo Kinou” Agricultural cooperative community (NOTICE, 09 Sept.: Places in Field trip 2 NO MORE AVAILABLE)

Apo kinou (meaning “Together” in Greek) started in 2013 as a small producer’s cooperative community delivering ecological farming production, education and culture. The trip will include presentation and field visit, as well as a visit to their cooperative community place in Heraklion (The Chickpea). For more details on their work, visit: http://www.apokinou.gr/en/

Field trip 3. Projects “Life IGIC” and “Ecobreed”: Field trip to olive orchards and project sites (NOTICE, 09 Sept.: Places in Field trip 3 NO MORE AVAILABLE)

The 3rd field trip will include a visit on multiple sites related to olive production, ecological infrastructure development and organic crop breeding, within the framework of the research projects Life IGIGC (Life+ programme) and Ecobreed (Horizon2020). Ancient olive groves, project sites will be visited, project work will be presented and some sites of archaeological and leisure interest will be approached. For more details on the projects, visit: www.lifeigic.eu/en/ and http://ecobreed.eu/