The Agroecology Europe Forum intends to be largely based on a participatory build-up of the programme. Therefore, we call for voluntarily share your ideas of contributions and topics of sessions and workshops, in order to largely consider the important issues of all stakeholders.


The abstracts are meant to be used in a Book of Abstracts, to be distributed at the Forum.

Your contribution may address a diversity and activities and topics related to the general principles of Agroecology covering environmental, social & cultural, economic and political dimensions. An initial list of generalised, potential topics of sessions & workshops, based on preliminary suggestions received, are:


●       Agroforestry

●       Biodiversity-based agriculture

●       Education and training

●       Framing Agroecological farming

●       Food and food systems

●       Policy in support of Agroecology

●       Territorial development


NEW!Deadline extended:

The new deadline for abstracts submission is by May 05, 2019.

For any questions regarding your contributions, please contact Vassilis Gkisakis (gkisakis [at] staff.teicrete.gr)

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