Forum Proceedings
Below you will find the Proceedings of the Forum.
We follow a Plastic-Free and Carbon Emissions offset policy!

The 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum follows a Plastic-Free& CO2 emissions-offset policy!

Forum venue (TEI of Crete) converted to Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)

The hosting institute & co-organizer of the 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum [Technological Educational Institute(TEΙ) of Crete, in Heraklion] has been "upgraded" and changed its name; now called "Hellenic Mediterranean University -HMU / Ελληνικό Μεσογειακό Πανεπιστήμιο - ΕΛΜΕΠΑ".

Besides the Institute's name, nothing changes with regards to the Forum's venue location (check the map in the web-site's 1st page) or organisation.

See you in HMU/ΕΛΜΕΠΑ, then!

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