We follow a Plastic-Free and Carbon Emissions offset policy!

The 2nd Agroecology Europe Forum follows a Plastic-Free& CO2 emissions-offset policy!

- Meals in the Forum will be served using reusable, ceramic plates, metal forks etc. Additionally, a wonderful ceramic cup will be provided to participants for multi-purposes (coffee, water etc).

- 1% of the Forum registration fee will be offered to support to a carbon offset initiative, namely Climate Care for carbon mitigation actions.

- A number of (hundreds) of trees, equal to the nr of Forum participants, will be planted in olive orchards of Southern Crete (as part of Life IGIC project, coordinated by the Forum’s host Hellenic Mediterranean University, developing Green Infrastructure in olive agroecosystems.

The above two carbon offset actions is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of the Forum for approx. 90 tons of CO2

This consists an innovative action on behalf of the AEEU Forum and is expected to find followers and to be implemented by other similar events.